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Poverty in Venezuela has increased dramatically in recent years, almost doubling between 2014 and 2017.

the medical crisis

Venezuela is currently undergoing a medical crisis, seeing spiralling mortality, widespread disease and a serious failure to provide basic medical care. This has been driven by government policy.

the plight of animals

Suffering in Venezuela is not limited to people, but also their pets and livestock. Animals are seriously suffering from disease, malnutrition and abuse.


Venezuela now has the highest murder rate in the world, as violent crime spirals out of control.

The economy

Venezuela’s economy is in catastrophic decline, having almost halved in size in recent years. The impact on society has been devastating.


The spectre of inflation now haunts Venezuela, as poor fiscal policy drives inflation to levels reminiscent of Zimbabwe.

human rights

Human rights in Venezuela are under threat from unchecked executive powers, and are frequently violated.


South America has a new migration crisis. Venezuelans have been dispossessed by the internal turmoil in Venezuela and and are fleeing abroad.