The Venezuela Campaign

The Venezuela Campaign is a grassroots organisation dedicated to spreading awareness of the humanitarian crisis, human rights abuses and accompanying socioeconomic problems in Venezuela. Additionally, we hope to launch fund raising initiatives for the Venezuelan people most affected by this crisis.

The Venezuela Campaign was founded in 2018 by Jamie Nugent and Joshua Curzon. We decided to take action after we realised that there was very little awareness of the situation in Venezuela.

We want to encourage the UK Government and the international community to act in support of the Venezuelan people. We also wish to pressure the Venezuelan government to accept foreign aid, which would massively alleviate the crisis.

Raising awareness amongst young people is vital, and we plan to achieve this by coordinating with societies at universities across the UK. We are currently running events in the 2018/19 academic year. Please contact us if you would like to host us.

We believe in people power, and that we must create a voice for the Venezuelan people in the UK.  The wider and greater our support, the more effective we will be in aiding the Venezuelan people.