We will not forget the #humanrights violators like these in Venezuela under dictator #NicolasMaduro

Chaos and queues in #Venezuela as the bolivar is devalued by 95% amidst starvation, hyperinflation and a proposed end to state fuel subsidies. Without sensible and comprehensive reform, Venezuelans will continue to suffer. #SOSVenezuela

More than 2 million Venezuelans have fled their country since the current crisis began. More than 5,000 leave every day, numbers only comparable to Syria's refugee crisis. #SOSVenezuela

More than a thousand Venezuelans were asked if they wanted Maduro to leave power. 83.8% said yes. Venezuela is crying out for help. #SOSVenezuela

The state of Zulia is experiencing severe blackouts, as well as shortages of essentials usually seen only in areas of conflict, famine or drought. Nowhere is the pain of #Venezuela more clear or more distressing. #SOSVenezuela

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